Front-End Developer


What’s Nectar?

Nectar’s mission is to help the beekeeping industry ensure honey bees health and secure our food supply. By translating the language of bees, we aim to bring bees, beekeepers and growers closer together.

Using technology and data-driven insights, we help beekeepers raise thriving beehives and optimize their operations, while providing growers key measurements to realize the full impact of honey bee pollination on their crops.

Our product aims to help commercial beekeepers reduce their operating costs, improve their beehives’ productivity and survival rate by remotely monitoring the hives health, behavior and strength. Using artificial intelligence, we augment the beekeepers’ decision making capacities to apply the right care at the right time.

Why do we need a Front-End Developer?

Our platform is the interface on which beekeepers and growers interact with our technology - it’s at the heart of our value proposition. Software development is therefore crucial to Nectar's success. This is why Nectar is looking to onboard a purpose-driven front-end developer to complete the development effort of our web platform and bring our technology to the next level to make an impact on our ecosystem and food supply.

In concrete terms, what does it look like?

As Nectar’s front-end developer, you’ll be a key decision maker. As we are a recently-funded startup still going through its early days, there is still much to code and design, both regarding the technology and the business aspects. You’ll have the opportunity to architect and develop the new features front end of the Nectar beehive monitoring platform, while having the resources to do so.

Furthermore, as bees are our first client, expect field visits. Nectar provides all the necessary equipment and we promise it will bee amazing!


  • Develop the front-end of the Nectar web app
  • Define the front-end parts of the software requirements of the Nectar web app
  • Contribute to the architecture design of the Nectar web app
  • Actively participate in solving our customers’ problems
  • Collaborate with developers, designers, researchers and electrical engineers


  • Bachelor of Software Engineering (or equivalent)
  • Versatile and creative
  • Having an entrepreneurial personality
  • Spoken and written communication skills
  • Mastering of iterative development processes
  • 5 years of web development experience
  • Strong sensitivity for user experience
  • Strong knowledge of communication protocols (HTTP) and client-server architectures
  • Good level in French and English

Technology expertise

  • Latest web framework
  • JavaScript
  • CSS3 and Sass/LESS
  • HTML5
  • Git

Technology expertise

  • Experience with Linux programming
  • Work experience in startup
  • Interest in sustainable development and agriculture


  • Full-time: 40 hours per week
  • Remuneration according to experience
  • Salary: $45 000 to $60 000 /year

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Why Nectar is unique?

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