Track your hives to make data-driven beekeeping decisions
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Built for Migratory Beekeeping

Manager’s Portal

Get access to daily activities and interpret data to implement best beekeeping practices. Make data-driven decisions for a more efficient operation.

BeeTrack App

The mobile app allows workers to access hive and yard history. Record observations and actions in a few seconds with a hive or yard inspection.

BeeTrack Tag

Durable NFC and QR code tags allow you to track individual hives over their lifetime.

Nectar Manager's PortalNectar Mobile AppNectar BeeTrack Tag

How BeeTrack Works

Getting Started

Install the tagsNew yard created

Start monitoring

View your yards in the Manager's Portal and start following all activities.


Scan hives

Use the app to scan hives into yards and record their location.

Scan location with the app

Install the tags

Staple tags to the brood box.

Working the Bees


Create a hive or yard report

Flag hive issues and deadouts. Record queen performance, genetics and status. Document treatments and feedings.


Submit a hive or yard report

Submit a report for an individual hive, or complete a blanket report for all hives in a yard.


Access hive and yard history

View past activity on a specific hive or yard.


Inspect and manage

Work the hives as you normally would.

Flag hive statusInspect and manage

Spanish brochure

Do you have Spanish-speaking employees who want to learn more about our solution? Download our Spanish brochure.

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Nectar Spanish Brochure

App Features

Integrated map with navigation to yards

View the entire history of all hives in your operation

Offline mode enables app usage while not covered by wifi or cell service

Create drops and monitor your hive inventory during pollination

Manager’s Portal Features

Complete outline of your operation with the whiteboard overview

Interactive, colour-coded map shows which yards need to be worked

Data analytics to see the relationship between different management practices, and mortality rates, honey production, and more

Track the work of your crews in real-time

Start tracking your bees

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