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Precision Beekeeping Technology

Solution overview

Optimize your workflow

Remotely inspect your hives to detect anomalies and unlock efficiencies in your operation.

Make informed decisions

Monitor each colony's evolution from season to season to assess the impact of your decisions.

Secure your hives

Stop losing sleep over the threat of hive theft. Get notified of any hive movement as soon as it occurs.

24/7 Accountability

Monitor your bees whether they are in honey production, pollination, wintering, or shipping.

How it works


Collect Your Data

In-hive sensors collect relevant data including temperature, humidity, sound, and movement.


Process Your Data

Data is sent to our cloud where it is processed by machine learning algorithms to create actionable insights.


Make Informed Decisions

Use insights on your beehive's health, behaviour, and strength to raise more productive bees.


The Beecon

The Beecon is a wireless, bee friendly sensor capable of measuring your hive's temperature, relative humidity, audio and movement to assess the state of your hive.

The BeeHub

The BeeHub is responsible for transmitting hive data online. It also serves as an on-site weather station while tracking your yards location.

The BeeTag

The BeeTag is the visual representation of your hive. Pair it with your Beecon and stick it to the outside of your hive.

The Portal Features

Queen Status

Detect if the queen is present in your hive. Take quick action to ensure the queen is replaced when required.

Deadout Detect

Detect whether your hive is alive. Take swift action if hive mortality rates are higher than expected.

Yard Map

Automatically view yards on your digital map. Share directions with your team or prioritize zones that require attention.

Population Trends

Detect changes in hive population. Learn whether the population is increasing or decreasing.

Shipping Tracking

Keep track of your bees as they get trucked over stormy mountain passes or through hot deserts.

Hive Security

Get alerted if your your hives move when they shouldn't. Alert the authorities right away. Deter future theft.

Yard Reporting

Report key information from your yard visit: health assessments, actions taken, and future requirements.

Yard Weather

Help plan team activity and prioritize specific yard visits using connected yards weather forecasts.

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