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Track your hives to make data-driven beekeeping decisions.
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Make Your Beekeeping Outfit More Profitable

Reduce Operating Costs

Reduce Operating Costs

Increase labour efficiency by focusing on yards and hives that require attention.

Healthier Bees

Healthier Bees

Make informed decisions using data for lower mortality and higher frame counts.

Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

Healthier bees are more productive bees. Charge more for your pollination services and sell more honey.

Our Solution - BeeTrack

BeeTrack allows you to increase profitability per hive by providing data-driven, actionable insights on the effects of beekeeping practices and visited locations.

Nectar tracking tool

BeeTrack Tag

Durable NFC and QR code tags allow you to track individual hives over their lifetime.

Nectar App

BeeTrack App

The mobile app allows workers to access hive and yard history. Record observations and actions in a few seconds with a hive or yard inspection.

Manager’s Portal

Manager’s Portal

Get access to daily activities and interpret data to implement best beekeeping practices. Make data-driven decisions for a more efficient operation.

“BeeTrack makes it easy to see which yards we need to focus on. It’s especially helpful for operations that are not as hands-on or require long-distance tracking and monitoring. I can manage my operation in another state without having to go down there.”

Josh Freeman, Co-owner & Manager at Noyes Apiaries
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‘’BeeTrack has the potential to significantly improve hive management decisions, understand colony location effects, and address problem hives in a more consistent manner‘’

Jason Miller, Beekeeper & Owner at Miller Honey Farms

Industry Partners

Nectar collaborates with leaders from multiple disciplines. We are proud to work with such strong partners across agriculture and technology.

Alberta beekeepers commission
Washington State University

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