Frequently Asked Questions

How many Beecons do I require?

You simply require one Beecon per hive that you plan to monitor.

How many BeeHubs do I require?

BeeHubs are designed to collect data from all hives in a bee yard. The BeeHub can collect data from up to 200 Beecons, within a range of approximately 30 meters (100 feet).

How does the BeeHub transmit data to the cloud?

The BeeHub transmits data to the cloud via cellular network. Don't worry - no need to mess around with the sim card or pay for connectivity. The BeeHub comes equipped with a sim card that will automatically connect to the strongest cellular network in your region.

How does the Beecon communicate with the BeeHub?

The Beecon transmits data to the BeeHub via Bluetooth. The BeeHub will automatically pickup data from any Beecon (up to 200) within a range of approximately 30 meters (100 feet).

What happens to my data if there is no cellular service?

Nectar sensors should normally be placed in areas that have access to cellular network. However, there will be certain scenarios, such as during hive shipping, when the BeeHub will not be able to access cellular network. In this case, do not worry! The BeeHub is equipped with lots of data storage capacity. It is capable of storing months worth of Beecon data. The exact length is dependent on the number of Beecons that are in use. As soon as the BeeHub reconnects to the network, it will automatically send all the data to the Nectar cloud.

Will the devices' wireless signal affect my bees?

No rigorous studies have concluded that wireless signal emitted in the frequency ranges of cellular, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi signals affect honey bee behavior and health. Inside the hive, the Beecon sends data periodically to minimize RF-EMR exposure: every 15 minutes, it collects data and emits a signal for a minute on the Bluetooth range, and is in deep sleep mode for the next 14 minutes. Our own Evan Henry has published a paper on the matter:

Can I reuse my Beecon?

If a colony that you are monitoring dies, or you want to start monitoring a different colony, you can transfer a Beecon to a different hive. You simply need to remove the Beecon, and pair it with a new tag and hive.

Will the plastic enclosure of the devices affect the colony?

Built entirely from FDA-approved materials, the Beecon’s design is non-intrusive to the colony.

Can I edit the interval between Beecon data measurements?

This option is not currently available on the Beecon. In the future, there will be an option to edit the interval between Beecon data measurements. If interested in this functionality, please inquire.

How does the sensor monitor if I have a queen or not?

Nectar developed a model using the climatic and audio data in the brood chamber. The model recognizes unique patterns in the temperature, humidity, and sound data that are only present when the queen is absent.

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